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32-ounce PLG Set: Shampoo & Conditioner

32-ounce PLG Set: Shampoo & Conditioner

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The 32-ounce size is the best value investment and reflects your commitment to treating your hair with refreshing only-100% organic ingredients. Give it a few weeks of steady use and notice the multiple improvements in youthfulness, thickness, softness, and overall hair health. PLG is an essential part of a positive, healthy lifestyle that protects and nourishes the planet as it does your body and your hair.

Shampoo ingredients: distilled water, coffee, glycerin, flaxseed, fenugreek, lavender, yucca, natural surfactants and emulsifiers, cetearyl alcohol, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, aloe vera, pumpkin oil, peppermint, rosemary, camellia oil, eucalyptus, rose hips, black seed oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil, natural preservative.

Conditioner ingredients: distilled water, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, silk powder, DL-Panthenol (Vitamin B5), natural emulsifiers, apple cider vinegar, rice extract, glycerine, oat powder, vitamin E oil, natural preservative.

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